Endodontics (Root Canals)

Root Canal Therapy

(Answers to some common questions)

1. What is root canal therapy? It is the removal of pulpal tissue from the tooth in an attempt to cure an existing infection, cyst or granuloma. Studies indicate that root canal treatment is 85 to 95% successful.

2. How many appointments will it take? Usually one or two appointments depending on the situation. A third, short appointment is necessary if you are having a crown after the root canal.

3. Will I have pain after my root canal? It is not uncommon for you to experience an uncomfortable or dull ache after your root canal. Sensitivity upon biting is also common. These symptoms can last up to a week.

4. If I’ve had the nerve removed from my tooth, why is it possible that it could hurt after a root canal? Sometimes the infection in your tooth spreads to tissues under the roots of your tooth and can cause pain. This will heal once the canals of your tooth are cleansed of the infection.

5. Will I have swelling after a root canal? In some cases swelling will occur in the area. If this occurs, please call us to let us know. Antibiotic therapy may be necessary. The swelling will usually subside in 2-3 days. Occasionally, a small “bubble” or pimple will appear on the gum tissue beside the tooth. This is a release of pressure and bacteria from around the tooth and should go away within a week.

6. What about medications? Depending on your case, pain medication and/or antibiotics will be prescribed. Please take them only as directed.

7. Why do I need a crown after a root canal? Doing a root canal weakens the tooth. A crown is needed to maintain the strength of the tooth.

Please chew on the other side from your root canal. Avoid sticky, chewy or crunchy foods to prevent cracking the tooth or your temporary. If any problems arise, feel free to call the office.